Wilco Streaming Entire New “Wilco (The Album)” On Website

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Last night Wilco’s new record “Wilco (The Album)” leaked online and hungry fans started downloading it en masse. To give fans a legal option, Wilco has put the entire album up on their website, where people can stream it in it’s entirety. This is the Chicago bands seventh album.

Wilco the band will take Wilco (The Album) out on tour this summer, highlighted with shows at both Bonnaroo and the 10,000 Lakes Festival. The band is also set to  perform at some minor league ballparks like Brooklyn’s Keyspan Park. The band plans to play older songs as well as the new album and change up set lists for each concert.

Now for the verdict: recorded in their loft space here in Chicago, it is a return to earlier Wilco in some regards (mellow and thoughful songs) to a more experiemental band. Think different instruments and chord progressions you don’t normally associate with Wilco.  I really loved “I’ll Fight” as well as the collaboration with Feist “You and I.” Another highlight is the cheeky “Wilco (The Song), lauded as something of an ode to Wilco fans. Overall, there are a lot of great musical moments on the record. Some of the songs are a little country-tinged and they totally pull it off. Very nice choices on all the keys too.  It’s a beautiful album and front runner in my book for the best album of 2009, thus far.

Listen to “Wilco (The Album)” http://beta.wilcoworld.net/records/thealbum/index.php

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