Radiohead: Working on New Album


Well, god damn. It seems like just yesterday Radiohead released the beautiful and brilliant “In Rainbows,” but it looks like the boys are at it again. Radiohead reminds me in so many ways how bad other bands suck. Groundbreaking, with most steps — musically and business wise — Radiohead pushing out another obviously awesome record is like the goose laying a golden egg.

According to a new BBC interview with bassist Colin Greenwood,  they are working with longtime producer Nigel Godrich, man behind previous Radiohead smashes. “It’s at the stage where we’ve got the big Lego box out and we’ve tipped it out on the floor and we’re just looking at all the bits and thinking what’s next?…It was very noisy and chaotic and really fun,” says Greenwood.

The band have just finished touring with electro pioneers Kraftwerk in South America which Greenwood described as a “brilliant experience”.

“They are one of our musical heroes and it was a real privilege to share a stage with them,” he enthused.

I wonder if we can expect some influence there? Kraftwerk inspired Radiohead songs?

That was all Greenwood really mentioned, no word on release dates, etc., but expct a big to-do.

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