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There are two reasons to go to Sun Wah [http://www.sunwahbbq.com/]: duck and secret menu items. Duck, the glorious big-boned bird; with its crispy skin and glorious, tender meat that just falls apart in the mouth. Sun Wah understands this is not something to be taken lightly.

Here is the vital step before eating a duck at Sun Wah: call ahead. Pick up the phone and make a reservation, not only for your party but for a duck. The best value for your dollars is the Peking duck dinner, not actually featured on the menu. The duck is carved at the table, comes with duck fried rice and a rather forgettable duck soup.

When you make it to the restaurant, order a beer—Goose Island brews are $3. A $3 Matilda is virtually unheard of anywhere else, and it will suit your duck well. Peking is carved at the table and served with steamed buns, a variety of sauces and daikon and carrots, so you can make yourself a little duck pancake. There is also an amazing cup of chili oil with roasted chilis on the table, it will go well on top of anything you care to consume that evening.

One duck dinner will set you back about $32 and will more than comfortably feed two to three. If you decide to go with four or more, order two ducks. My party of five happily destroyed two ducks, with a bit of fried rice left.

Also, rumor on the street says that the Mike’s chicken item is tops. Again, call ahead.

Sun Wah Bar-B-Q, 5039 N. Broadway.

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