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I’m always a little anxious trying new Indian restaurants. Because when it is good, it’s heavenly. But when it’s bad it is a night in the bathroom. I was feeling up to the challenge, so I recently set out for the Chicago Curry House.

It’s a hidden little spot in sort of a cul du sac style road (899 S. Plymouth Ct.) and I though the address was wrong at first because it looked like a residential area with the occasional dry cleaners. But then the sweet scent of curry rose up through the breeze and I knew I was headed to the right spot. The place is well appointed–it sort of reminded me of a hotel lobby. Not my favorite aspect of the experience, but who cares when you are there to eat, I suppose.

I was really excited to see they have a bar and full drink menu. I like eating at places that I know I have the option of getting wasted at too, in case that’s what I would rather do than consume whole food. Not in the mood to get ripped, I ordered a glass of wine. My dining companion had an Indian Beer, a lager.

We set forth with Veg Samosa and Aloo Chat, plus those little crisps with chutney they always give you. Yummy! The samosas were huge and really fresh tasting, cooked perfectly. And thealoo chat was crispy, spicy, and healthy tasting. Very good. Chicago Curry House also states they are a Nepalese cuisine as well, so decided to venture around a little bit for the entrees. ChickenTikka Masala, Chicken MoMo, and Lamb Vindaloo were all served with Basmati rice and arrived in the cool little copper kettles. The Chicken MoMo was from the Nepalese selections and it was awesome. I don’t know what MoMo is supposed to taste like, but I liked it. The Chicken Tikka Masala was creamy and spicy, and the chicken was all white and tender. (I don’t mind dark meat, but I hate when they sneak it in there whilst claiming it’s all white meat–they didn’t do that here.) The LambVindaloo was ordered extra hot, and it delivered. I can handle some spice. The regular naan was perfectly cooked, and we even had leftovers.

I tend to skip desserts at Indian restaurants because I’m usually so stuffed that I can’t eat another morsel, but I decided to give theRasmali a whirl out of a love for pistachio. Good choice. refreshing and savory.

I would eat here again. They have a lunch buffet that looks pretty good too. Curry up and give this place a shot.

Chicago Curry House, 899 S. Plymouth Court.

  • Zala

    Best Indian / Nepalese food, very good service, We enjoyed lots, cant wait to come back for Nepalese Mo Mo.

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