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Gripe #528 about downtown Chicago: eateries are in extremes. Your choice:

1. Fancy place serving truffle oil infused vertically plated trendy protein of the moment topped with bacon foam, requiring payment on a diamond-encrusted credit card, or
2. A lovely generic chain restaurant. The end.

Sure, downtown Chicago tends to cater toward those with either diamond-encrusted credit cards or those seeking a quick lunch from a nice generic franchise, but what about, say, the exclusive mashmeal of brunch?

Brunch, by the by, is terribly underrated. It’s the best of both breakfast and lunch food, combined into one ultimate supermeal. Two meals in one! Not uncommonly served with adult beverages!

Eve, www.evechicago.com, 840 N. Wabash Ave., understands brunch, and it understands well. Brunch runs weekends from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., dangerously into late lunch territory, but this fact is a mere circumstantiality. Eve understands brunch as $20 for an entrée and unlimited mimosas.

Yes friends, eggs benedict with lobster, prosciutto and pesto hollandaise is just within reach! Or fill up on the waffle and chicken, burger or eggs with shrimp, mushrooms and goat cheese. Mimosas will tide you over (and over and over and over). All will be well in the cruel world of downtown eating, at least for the brunch window of an hour and 30 minutes. (As always, rules in paradise—can’t drink mimosas forever, now can we?)

Not only will Eve allow you to make a reservation for its brunch brilliance, a rarity in the world of combination breakfast and lunch, but it also understands that the days of Sunday through Thursday are prime for $29 three-course prix fixe from 5 to 7 p.m. and Wednesday is a fine day to bring your own wine as well. Hope for downtown eating, indeed.

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