Twin Anchors: All Aboard

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Twin Anchors Ribs Chicago

That is a super cheese title, sorry. It’s hard not to get a little mushy about this place. Twin Anchors has been serving up fine food and booze since 1932 in Lincoln Park, Old Town to be exact. Located on the corner of Sedgwick and Eugenie, this neighborhood spot has all the charm of a yesteryear supper club. The layout, complete with booths in the bar and a small dining room, is cozy and intimate. There is nothing chic and modern about the decor–it actually reminds me of my grandparents supper club opened in the 1960’s. Memorabilia covers the wood paneled walls, and there seems to be a story in every photo.

It was pretty busy on a Thursday night with a 5 minute wait for a 9:00 dinner time. We sat in the bar booths and had a great view of Blackhawks game on 3 big HD TVs. It wasn’t distracting, it was great. The bar was also full with people drinking happily. Twin Anchors seems like a nice place to get full and get drunk.

The menu was pretty small, but that’s fine–who needs a bunch of filler when you have a rock-solid foundation? THE RIBS. The ribs are what makes this place famous. (Fun fact: Twin Anchors was Frank Sinatra’s favorite rib joint and he frequented dozens of times.) Ribs, chicken, a couple steaks, some no-frill salads (I did also spot a veggie burger or something to the effect), and some seriously awesome sides. Hint: get the pepperjack creamed spinach. Sooo good. The “1960’s Style Fried Fish” also got my piqued my interest. A classic fish fry is fitting for the establishment.

There was also a nice beer and wine list as well as some tasty cheesecake for dessert. However, the only thing you really need to know here are the ribs. Two kinds of sauce complete the delight, I preferred the “zesty.”

Places like Twin Anchors are a joy to have in Chicago. Well-worn, tried and true.

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Eve Understands Brunch

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Gripe #528 about downtown Chicago: eateries are in extremes. Your choice:

1. Fancy place serving truffle oil infused vertically plated trendy protein of the moment topped with bacon foam, requiring payment on a diamond-encrusted credit card, or
2. A lovely generic chain restaurant. The end.

Sure, downtown Chicago tends to cater toward those with either diamond-encrusted credit cards or those seeking a quick lunch from a nice generic franchise, but what about, say, the exclusive mashmeal of brunch?

Brunch, by the by, is terribly underrated. It’s the best of both breakfast and lunch food, combined into one ultimate supermeal. Two meals in one! Not uncommonly served with adult beverages!

Eve,, 840 N. Wabash Ave., understands brunch, and it understands well. Brunch runs weekends from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., dangerously into late lunch territory, but this fact is a mere circumstantiality. Eve understands brunch as $20 for an entrée and unlimited mimosas.

Yes friends, eggs benedict with lobster, prosciutto and pesto hollandaise is just within reach! Or fill up on the waffle and chicken, burger or eggs with shrimp, mushrooms and goat cheese. Mimosas will tide you over (and over and over and over). All will be well in the cruel world of downtown eating, at least for the brunch window of an hour and 30 minutes. (As always, rules in paradise—can’t drink mimosas forever, now can we?)

Not only will Eve allow you to make a reservation for its brunch brilliance, a rarity in the world of combination breakfast and lunch, but it also understands that the days of Sunday through Thursday are prime for $29 three-course prix fixe from 5 to 7 p.m. and Wednesday is a fine day to bring your own wine as well. Hope for downtown eating, indeed.

Eleven City Diner: This Diner Goes To 11

Ah, the little neighborhood diner that is hardly little! Eleven City Diner, 1112 S. Wabash Ave., is a quintessential New York diner, Junior’s cheesecake and all, which just so happens to be located in the South Loop. Serving up simple but well-executed diner fare (think burgers, sandwiches, all-the-time breakfast, matzo ball soup) with a hearty sense of humor ($0.00 side of guilt available)—Eleven City may very well be an 11 on a 1-10 scale of diner splendor.

Can’t go wrong with any of the breakfast items, plentiful enough to serve as both breakfast and lunch, but what makes this place scream “diner!” is the love poured into the beverages. Milkshake? It’s huge (for $7, it should be, and is), and made with—wait for it—ice cream, not some frozen mutant mutation that was hopefully milk-based at one point. Cherry and vanilla Coke? Made with syrup, the real thing. Hot toddy? Yes, one can order a hot toddy.

In true diner fashion, this is not a place to go if you are watching your waistline, though salads are on the menu somewhere, this is a place to go if you (1) consumed a number of hot toddies the night prior, or (2) crave inch-thick challah bread/hefty fries/baked macaroni and cheese. (And non-meat eaters, take heed: lots of options for your kind—the mushroom burger is no short of amazing.) But go ahead and order a slice of cake.  It called our name, too.

Spa Week: April 12-18

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In my perfect world, I would get spa treatments daily. For problems I don’t even have. Being pampered, for me, is the ultimate stress reliever and instant mood lifter–I feel like a better version of myself…but a broker (more broke?) version. Well, you get the picture.  A day at the spa can set a girl or guy back some serious change.  But Spa Week in Chicago is the perfect time to try out those fabulously luxurious remedies at a seriously discounted rate.

Participating spas, like Chocolate For Your Body in Pilsen, offer ultra-sweet deals, such as a 60 Minute Stress Relief Swedish Massage using real chocolate. Yum. Normally a $70 treat, it is now only $50. If you crave something a little more intense, Thrive Medical Spa in the Gold Coast can set you up with a Partial Face IPL Skin Rejuvenation for Acne, Freckles and/or Enlarged Pores for only $50, which is regularly $150.

And who doesn’t love free goodies? At you can also enter to win hundreds of dollars in products from Korres, TIGI and lots more.

Spa Week is a Bi-Annual Event that allows you to enjoy luxurious full-service spa treatments at the finest spas all across North America for just $50 each.

Another great site to check out if you are in the market for pampering is They also offer great reviews on services from salons and spas as well as special discounts on treats for someone I love–myself.

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